Very often I ponder about the peculiarities of human life and every time I end up comprehending it, it is nothing more than a journey- an untiring journey. Perhaps it may sound nothing more than a widely used cliché, but yet I find it more convincing and logical. I am in the middle of my journey-my journey to explore the Nepali Music Field as an enthusiast, a professional researcher and a Nepali music lover-so, I believe it is no way wrong for me to see life as nothing more than a mere journey.

Honestly, I was not much into Nepali music initially, but yet I had grown a sweet affectionate towards it even as an amateur since my childhood. I do still have my diaries written back when I was ignorant because, for me, music been only the sound meant for pleasure in the ear. But over time, I came to know I was flawed. There are so many things integrated into it. Precisely, this got me over and hence, I grew more passionate about Nepali Music to explore its various aspects. Nowadays, I devote all my professional efforts to digging and exploring so many things hidden in the Nepali Music Field. I am proud of where I stand today, as I am championing the cause to make a real difference in this field. The profession I came to join actually is by sheer chance. Regarding telling which, I have a different story to tell which requires some other full-time effort. Some other time, for sure! I must admit, however, that this field has offered me the greatest happiness that I have ever dreamt of.

During childhood, while listening to musicians via the radio, I would often imagine having met them personally. And nowadays, I work very close to them or at least side by them, for which I have been appreciated with different awards and felicitations. Now I feel like there’s no happiness, much like this. It’s truly bliss for the one who once could only imagine this, but now it comes to be real.

The credit I must offer to the duo- Ms. Pallavi Dhakal and Mr. Pradip Niraula, without whom I could never step into this field. Their motivation and support keep me vibrant and enthusiastic even in these days.

I have spent a great chunk of my time with so many personalities related to the music scene of Nepal whilst interviewing and discussing and exploring the various aspects of the Nepali music field. They are undoubtedly the precious gems of Nepali music, and it is indeed a proud moment for me to share some qualitative time with them. Of late, I have developed this bond with Nepali Music even much stronger. So, I cannot imagine going away from it, let alone forgetting it. I’ve vowed over this period that I will keep exploring music and musicians and leave no stone unturned in the field’s front. Apart from that, I also do research, documentation and archives in art, film, culture, history, lifestyle and so on.

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