I knew Sitaram Badal a few years ago in reference to my research project in Nepal. He was a key person who assisted me in my research to connect with the traditional music instrument makers of Kathmandu valley. Throughout my two months fieldwork, I found him highly congenial, friendly, positive, warm, respectful, conscientious, and punctual. He was a delight to work with.
I am glad to learn that Sitaram has a tremendous passion for collecting and documenting materials in relation to Nepalese music, culture, tradition, and heritage. He is extraordinarily active in documenting biographies, including experience, professional careers, and life accounts of the key figures of Nepalese music, culture, and heritage. These will be invaluable historical assets for decades. Through his personal initiative and available resources, he has been collecting and documenting these cultural and heritage materials for several years, resulting in a significant number of sound and visual recordings. Based on his outstanding individual efforts and the collection he holds at present, I can say that Sitaram is one of the pioneers of archival collectors of Nepalese music, culture, tradition, and heritage. I think that his collection has the potential to become a resourceful archive that can serve the history, culture, art, music, and heritage of the country. It will be equally useful to students, researchers, cultural organizations, and anyone who has an interest in Nepalese culture and heritage.
Dr. Subash Giri
Mus, Mus Mgmt, PhD
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